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Keynote | Shop floor as a smart collaboration platform - vision or reality?

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2024 13:45 - 14:15 Europa-Saal /-Foyer

Keynote RednerIn: Lydia Aldejohann (Capgemini Deutschland GmbH)

Kategorie: Keynotes

Manufacturing will transition from uni-directional models, where humans’ direct machines to produce goods sold to consumers, to multi-directional models. In these models, consumers directly demand goods from companies, triggering manufacturing planning systems to orchestrate production through automation and Industrial IoT. This extends beyond the factory borders into the integrated supply chain ecosystems and will also actively manage supply chains and logistics with self-driving and robotic warehousing.

Imagine factories which can seamlessly adapt to consumer demands and changing market requirements in real-time. The shop floor evolves into the nucleus of a new collaboration platform, integrating suppliers and providing enhanced human-machine interfaces, hence optimizing human-machine interaction. We will share how we leverage Digital Twins, the Industrial Metaverse enabled by AI and the value of a Software-Defined Factory to integrate suppliers into the manufacturing value chain and optimize human-machine interactions on the shop floor – and put ‘Digital, meet physical’ to live.


Profilbild für Lydia Aldejohann

Lydia Aldejohann Keynote RednerIn

Vice President Intelligent Industry Germany
Capgemini Deutschland GmbH